Pop icon Haruomi Hosono announces 50th anniversary live album and feature film

Haruomi Hosono

By: The Glow

November 28 2020


By: The Glow


November 28 2020

Spanning from Tin Pan Alley to Yellow Magic Orchestra, Hosono will embark on a series of multi-format retrospective releases early next year.

Haruomi Hosono has announced the release of a live album, Amerika / Hosono Haruomi Live in US 2019, and feature film, Hosono Haruomi 50th – Music, Comedy and Movie, both set for release early next year.

Both releases are compiled of material from a series of 2019 concerts that celebrated Hosono’s 50th year as a professional musician.

Documenting Hosono’s American tour of May and June 2019, Amerika / Hosono Haruomi Live in US 2019 marks his first ever solo live recording. The record contains 17 songs, including well-known tracks like “Sports Men” (from Philharmony, 1982) and “Absolute Ego Dance” (from Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Solid State Survivor, 1979).

“Hosono Haruomi 50th – Music, Comedy and Movie” contains three DVD discs displaying Hosono’s work in the fields of music, comedy, and film. It includes Hosono’s 50th Anniversary Special Performance, held at Tokyo’s International Forum Hall in November 2019, and Yellow Magic Show Three, the anniversary show of YMO. The compilation also includes No Smoking, the Gen Hoshino-narrated documentary of Hosono also released in 2019.

Both Amerika / Hosono Haruomi Live in US 2019 and Hosono Haruomi 50th – Music, Comedy and Movie will be released on 10 February 2021.

The track-list for Amerika / Hosono Haruomi Live in US 2019 is as follows:

  1. Gingatetsudōnoyoru endo tēma [Night on the Galactic Railroad - End Theme]

  2. Honey Moon

  3. The Song Is Ended

  4. Bara to nokemono [Rose and the Beast]

  5. Jūshofutei Mushoku tei Shūnyū

  6. Choo Choo, Gatagoto America [Choo Choo, Clattering America]

  7. Angel On My Shoulder

  8. Pistol Packin' Mama

  9. Rei Medley(my mama ~ BLACK BANANA)

  10. Unsung Song

  11. Aayurveda

  12. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

  13. Body Snatchers

  14. Sports Men

  15. The House Of Blue Lights

  16. Peking Duck

  17. Pom Pom Joki [Pom Pom Vapour]

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