Hitsujibungaku releases sophomore studio album Powers: listen

By: The Glow

December 9 2020


By: The Glow


December 9 2020

The physical edition of the band’s first major label full-length work will also feature a DVD of live performances.

Indie and alt-rock trio Hitsujibungaku have released their second studio album Powers.

The sequel to the group’s 2018 full-length debut Wakamono-tachi he [To the Young People], Powers follows a string of EP releases and the recent single “Ginga Tetsudō no Yoru” [Night on the Galactic Railroad], a cover of pop-punk group Going Steady and theme song for a mobile AR game.

Although Powers is the trio’s second studio full-length, it is their major label debut – released on F.C.L.S., a subdivision of Sony Music Japan.

Its twelve tracks include fan-favourite “1999”, the trio’s 2018 breakout single, and singles "Sabaku no Kimihe" [To Desert You] and "Girls".

The album’s physical release includes a DVD of live performances, including footage of the band’s online tour in August. 

Watch the official trailer for Powers, shot by Kenta Suzuki:


  1. Mother

  2. Girls

  3. Henshin [Transform]

  4. Hello, Moon

  5. Rockstar

  6. Omajinai [Spells]

  7. Hanabira [Petals]

  8. Sabaku no kimi he [To the Desert]

  9. Powers

  10. 1999

  11. Aimaide ī Yo [Vague is OK]

  12. Ghost

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