Ichiko Aoba releases new album Adan no Kaze: listen

By: The Glow

December 2 2020


By: The Glow


December 2 2020

Adan no Kaze completes a year of celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of Aoba’s debut.

Ichiko Aoba has released her seventh official studio album, Adan no Kaze [Windswept Adan], her first studio work since 2018’s qp.

Produced with the theme of “soundtracks for fictitious movies”, Adan no Kaze follows the singles “Amuletum”, “Bouquet”, “Porcelain” and “Seabed Eden”, and Aoba live album “Gift” at Sogetsu Hall in celebrating 10 years since Aoba’s debut Kamisori Otome [Razor Girl].

Mixed by Toshihiko Kasai (Takuro Okada, Tim Hecker, Jun Kamoda) and mastered by Seigen Ono (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Naked City), the project includes compositional contributions from pianist and arranger Taro Umebayashi.

Listen to "Porcelain" here:

The track-list is as follows:

  1. Prologue

  2. Pilgrimage

  3. Porcelain

  4. Hoi [Sail Wear]

  5. Easter Lily

  6. Parfum d’étoiles

  7. Kiri na Rushima [Wuthering Island]

  8. Sagu Palmʼs Song

  9. chinuhaji

  10. Chi no Kaze [Blood Wind]

  11. Hagupit

  12. Dawn in the Adan

  13. ohayashi

  14. Adan no Shima no Tanjō-sai [Birthday on the Island of Adan]

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