Tugboat Records • July 6th 2022



​​Cwondo’s third album in just over a year is, much like his 2021 releases, a brief DIY work of delicate progressions and distinctive compositions. The vocals on Coloriyo are as lo-fi and distorted as Cwondo’s always are, the No Buses frontman essentially using his voice as a textural instrument that compliments his intricate and dreamy instrumentals. Stand-out tracks include lead singles “Midori” and “1500”, both of which perfectly showcase Cwondo’s distinct ability to pair slick indie guitar riffs with Aphex Twin-style drum fills. Though Coloriyo doesn’t necessarily offer anything new for Cwondo, it’s an enjoyable continuation of his current indietronica phase.

Listen to “Midori” below.

Author: Matthew Gilligan

Artist Tags: Cwondo

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