Sony Music Japan • January 19th 2022

Hikaru Utada

Bad Mode

Two-and-a-bit decades in, Hikaru Utada’s opulent R&B has lost none of its appeal. If anything, the four years since Hatsukoi have seen Utada plunder their experiences further and unearth some of their freshest, most profound lyrics yet. True, Bad Mode is pop, but it also navigates varied and stylish sounds, helped by wizardry from some of contemporary electronica’s most exciting names. Technical maestro Floating Points (Sam Shepherd) pops up on some of the record’s richest, most strung-out tunes, hyperpop pioneer A.G. Cook adds punch to a select few singles, while longer-term collaborator Nariaki Obukuro reliably polishes up much of the rest. Excellent on several fronts, Bad Mode is a phenomenal pop record.

Listen to “Find Love” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Hikaru Utada

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