Self-released • November 24th 2021


Space, Circumstances, Time and Events.

The secret to good shoegaze is to not revel purely in the lushness of the sound itself but to supplement it with good songwriting and strong hooks – both of which factor into exactly why Kinoue64’s Kuukan, Jijoo, Jikan, Jishoo. [Space, Circumstances, Time and Events.] thrives. Here’s a shoegaze record that fashions torrential waves of guitar into protracted moments of serious grandeur; that isn’t afraid of huge choruses and blown-out crescendos; a work that doesn’t shy from electronic innovations or radical interpolations of classic styles. Kuukan, Jijoo, Jikan, Jishoo. is the Hyogo-based shoegaze project’s third full-length work – and finest yet.

Listen to “After school, on the way to school” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Kinoue64

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