Guruguru Brain • July 15th 2022

Fortune Goodies

Ensnaring a listener in an Apache beat and plodding them along for however long you please sure seems like a simple enough task, but it’s harder than it looks – and it’s something Minami Deutsch do exceptionally well. The Tokyo group’s third record Fortune Goodies features much of the sane psych-y, spacey krautrock as their first two, not radically mixing up the band’s formula but instead accentuating its points of pleasure. Once Minami Deutsch work their magic and lock you into the rhythm, you’re left to appreciate the skill in their other details: Fortune Goodies’ slight twists of funk, its serene acoustic passages, its guitars that blissfully echo out into the distance.

Listen to “Your Pulse” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Minami Deutsch

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