pinewaves • February 9th 2022

Mioko Yamaguchi


Ever since techno-kayo legend Mioko Yamaguchi returned to music-making under her own name (after a 35-year absence, no less), she’s not put a foot wrong. All three renaissance works have been severely impressive, showing Yamaguchi as an artist still eager to experiment and progress; still willing to test out new sounds and collaborate with a diverse array of musicians. And that continues with her latest work, Fairythm. Collaborating with Hideki Matsutake, Logic System and others, Yamaguchi combines pop and electronics with various traditional instruments like taiko drums, shamisen and biwa. She succeeds in mustering tracks of huge scale and fantastical prettiness, and, yet again, makes her mark as an artist whose brilliance transcends eras.

Listen to “Astral World” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Mioko Yamaguchi

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