Space Shower Music • March 9th 2022


Sundance Ranch

The second full-length record from MIZ, the duo of Seijun Kato and Shukei Tamaoki, succeeds for many of the same reasons as their first. A simple but supremely tasteful work, Sundance Ranch plays out in styles stemming from American strains of folk and country music. MIZ are influenced by their direct surroundings, both emotional and natural – drawing a clear distinction between debut Ninh Binh Brother's Homestay (2020), recorded in Vietnam, and this, inspired by a road trip from Tokyo to Hokkaido in a camper van. But despite lyrical and thematic differences, the appealing features – namely Kato’s soft, thumbed guitar and Tamaoki’s soothing, unforceful vocals – are much the same.

Listen to “Yokoso haru baru” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: MIZ

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