codomomental • August 17th 2022

My Name Is...

While My Name Is... isn’t Nonamera’s debut work, you get the impression that it’s her first real, proper artistic statement. A work of near-zero excess, here the singer and hyperpop artist attempts to cram an exceptional amount into barely 20 minutes. Each track bounces with pace and squeals with a cornucopia of distractions; enormously fuzzy beats that expel hissing static combine with pacey drum and bass and EDM drops, all soaked in sugar and glitter. My Name Is can, at times, feel uncompromising or brutal in its demands for attention – but that’s also inevitable with such an assured and loud artistic statement. Here Nonamera really marks out her place in the (hyper)pop landscape.

Listen to “Dye in Lily” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: nonamera

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