infogarage • January 26th 2022

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya


It’s difficult to know where to start Okinawa Electric Girl Saya’s doomsday, a work that entices and beguiles from several directions. Similar to her acclaimed 2019 work Kuro no Tenshi [Black Angel] Saya’s fourth official full-length sprawls with elements of noise, industrial, electronic, ambient, folk and Okinawan music; of which all is, despite its length and breadth, rather cohesive and focused. With instrumental help from the likes of Tavito Nanao and Incapacitants’ T. Mikawa, it’s no wonder this thing is so varied – yet doomsday’s appeal often returns to Saya herself. Her voice, which overlays nearly every track here, pours out with a penetrating, ringing intensity, ensuring the success of sprightly pop, dystopic industrial tracks and ambient ditties alike.

Listen to “Dancing in the Distance” here.

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