Universal Music Japan • July 27th 2022


Perfume’s most iconic records have always had a certain galactic sheen; a feeling that this is music that straddles what is both earthly possible and what could be on the airwaves, in the future or out there. And that element to the trio’s sound is revived again on Plasma, a return to form for Perfume and producer Yasutaka Nakata. Appearing to have absorbed much of the new wave and synthpop craze of the past few years, Nakata channels those features into his typically boisterous, EDM-infused, high-BPM sound. Unrelenting in its funk and glamour but also – particularly in its lyrics – thoughtful and bittersweet, Plasma isn’t just the freshest, grandest and most scintillating Perfume work in over decade but a record that may well be one of Nakata’s finest productions ever.

Listen to “Spinning World” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Perfume

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