Self-released • December 2nd 2022


Ryoji Ikeda’s Ultratronics is perhaps both his most explorative and accessible record so far. Ikeda thrives as an experimental musician and sound artist whose music sits on another musical plane; his works managing to manipulate and recalibrate your listening ear into enjoying his work on his own set terms, within his own frequencies and rhythms. Once comfortable within Ultratronics (for it always takes a few listens to grow accustomed to Ikeda’s ceaseless technological patter), it’s revealed as both approachable and ambitious for similar reasons. For us listeners, Ikeda is closer than ever to pop and dance music; and for him, experimenting in such direct appeal is in itself radical.

Listen to “ultratronics 04” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Ryoji Ikeda

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