Penguin Disc • November 22nd 2022


For fans of contemporary Japanese indie, the liner notes for Niigata-based idols RYUTist’s (en) is a gold mine. Art popper Ohzora Kimishima, folk songwriter Satoko Shibata, synthpop duo Pasocom Music Club, composer Shuta Hasunuma, jazzist Shun Ishikawa, Botsu from hip hop trio Dos Monos and producer ermhoi are all amongst those that feature. But even more rewarding is the actual product. In its entirety (en) listens as a luxuriously, whimsically complex work of pop, its many contributors combining to twirl through brightly tuneful popifications of jazz, glitch and IDM.

Listen to “Uragirimono” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: RYUTist

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