P-Vine • December 2nd 2022

All Night Thing

Since forming in the early 2010s, mysterious semi-virtual 12-person musical collective Sayonara Ponytail has enjoyed reasonably high levels of output. And within that output are, occasionally, some real gems. The likes of Seishun Fantasia [Youth Fantasia] and Kimagure Fanrōdo [Whimsical Fanroad] are littered with tight, bright and pretty pop tunes – and Yoru no Dekigoto [All Night Thing] is another of those kinds of works. Here the project sounds like it is still bouncing off the past years’ city pop revival, opting for pleasant, atmospheric synth funk. Pleasant and nocturnal, it’s Sayonara Ponytail’s best in years.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Sayonara Ponytail

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