HigherHell Records • June 8th 2022

Moonworld Playground

It’s in the band name, I suppose. A decade on, Tokyo Shoegazer remain one of Japanese shoegaze’s most artistically restless, stylistically versatile and flamboyantly stylish bands; a group that, far from simply rehashing a genre that peaked over two decades ago, both innovate within and escalate beyond shoegaze’s conventions. At its loudest Moonworld Playground is barely more than washing, pulsating noise, a record that can throttle not just in its dense guitar feedback but in its heavily, prominently loose drumming. But this wouldn’t be a Tokyo Shoegazer record with its tamer moments: its gorgeous hooks, bits of pretty dream pop and arching post-rock crescendos – and it also wouldn’t be Tokyo Shoegazer without those two extremes – noise and pop – fitting together so effortlessly. Moonworld Playground is as good as any of the band’s best works.

Listen to “Felicette” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Tokyo Shoegazer

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